Following Mark Landis, a prolific art forger who donates his work to museums instead of selling it, Art and Craft uncovers a curious story of obsession and understanding at the intersection of art, philanthropy and mental health. For over 30 years, Landis duped curators throughout the country with precise imitations of a vast range of works, from fifteenth century masterpieces to Picasso. What starts out as an art caper, rooted in questions of originality and authenticity, emerges as an unflinching exploration of life with mental illness and the universal need for community and purpose.

Perversely satisfying. The art world deserves him. The New York Times






Sam Cullman co-directed, shot and produced the Oscar-nominated documentary, If a Tree Falls, and was a Producer and Director of Photography on The House I Live In (Sundance Grand Jury Prize). Previously, his camerawork appeared in dozens of documentaries including King Corn and Why We Fight.


Jennifer Grausman, Director



Jennifer Grausman directed and produced the Emmy nominated documentary, Pressure Cooker. Grausman also co-produced 3 Backyards, and produced six short films.  She was previously the Manager of Exhibition and Film Funding at The Museum of Modern Art.