Fed Up



Thirty years ago, the U.S. Government issued its first ever dietary guidelines and with it one of the greatest health epidemics of our time ensued. In her documentary feature debut, executive producer and narrator Katie Couric joins Laurie David ( An Inconvenient Truth ), Regina Scully ( The Invisible War ) and Stephanie Soechtig ( Tapped ) to explore why, despite media attention and government policies to combat childhood obesity, generations of kids will now live shorter lives than their parents.

In the new documentary Fed Up, director Stephanie Soechtig, narrator/executive producer Katie Couric and executive producer Laurie David shine a light on whether the food industry is manipulating the country’s youth through the eyes of roughly half a dozen children struggling with their weight and overall health.WS Journal






Stephanie Soechtig is the director and producer of the award- winning documentary Tapped. Her directorial debut was hailed by critics as “stunning” and “whip-smart” and went on to sweep film festivals across the country while picking up six awards for Best Documentary Feature. Stephanie began her career in television, producing documentaries for 20/20, Primetime Live, The O’Reilly Factor and VH1. She joined forces with Michael and Michelle Walrath in 2008 to start the production company, Atlas Films.


Katie Couric, Narrator/Executive Producer



Katie Couric is an award-winning journalist and TV personality, well-known cancer advocate, and New York Times best-selling author of The Best Advice I Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives. Couric made her debut as Yahoo’s Global Anchor in January 2014, where she is developing Yahoo News' coverage, reporting on live world events, and anchoring groundbreaking interviews with major newsmakers.


Laurie David, Executive Producer



Laurie David has brought her passion and dedication to important environmental and food issues. Her recent book, The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids, One Meal at a Time, is an inspirational, practical and green guide to the family dinner ritual and how to accomplish it in today's world. David is a producer of the Academy Award winning film An Inconvenient Truth, executive produced the HBO documentary Too Hot NOT to Handle, and the TBS comedy Earth to America!. She authored Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You! and co-authored The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming.