Sons of the Clouds



Academy Award winner Javier Bardem stars in this compelling documentary that shines a light on the political and human rights issues facing the people of the Western Sahara. This documentary brings awareness to the conflict in the region and encourages leaders to pursue a resolution.

A slick documentary on the Western Sahara crisis geared to capture the attention of Western audiences. —Variety






Javier Bardem has performed in over 25 movies. Bardem has received numerous awards including an 2007 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. His work includes: No Country for Old Men, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Biutiful, Eat Pray Love, Skyfall.


Alvaro Longoria, Director/Producer



Alvaro Longoria set up Morena Films in 1999 with his partners. Longoria has been in charge of the following productions both as producer and executive producer: Che El Argentino, Che Guerrilla, Comandante, 7 Days in Havana. Sons of the Clouds is his directorial debut.